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The term rhinoplasty means nose forming by adding or removing nose, cartilage. People perform rhinoplasty to remove their breathing problems such as deformation or, to beauty their appearance. Cosmet nose surgery is becoming popular among the both men and women, so in this article we consider different aspects of this surgery, different techniques, before and after take cares
Reversion rhinoplasty, or reconstructive nose surgery is used to reconstruct a previous poor result. In some cases, due to desirable results, patients want to do the revision rhinoplasty to remove the detection of primary/ previous surgery. To perform a revision rhinoplasty, the nose surgeon should care about the placing cartilages of nasal bridge.
During puberty, your face and also your nose will be changed. It appears more wide or in some cases with hump due to genetics or some dameges. Bony nose has more bone and cartilage, and the patients complain of their hump. This article explains the differences of fleshy and bony nose.